From Our District Governor
Join the Check Up On Them Challenge

While Covid-19 has changed our day-to-day activities, what are you doing to still stay connected? There are many that have not been able to adapt to the change as fast as others. We are all familiar with the most common CDC recommendations on limiting contact, but what about calling your friends?

Dr. Lim, a psychologist says, "Loneliness is about feeling disconnected, even when you have people around you." I have seen many clubs adapt quickly, but that does not mean that all of their members have. Now more than ever it is important to reach out and check on your family, friends and club members. If you have not seen them online or in person lately, give them a call. We never know how much a simple phone call can impact someone.

I believe that the only way we can keep what we have is to give it away every day. With that being said, I am more focused on the quality of the interactions that I have rather than the quantity. Reach out and give yourself the time to invest in the conversation. Send someone an invitation to a facetime / zoom call to virtually share a cup of coffee or go on a walk together. We can engage and have meaningful conversations even while we are not meeting in person.

A simple phone call letting them know you are thinking about them could save a life! Share with us on social media if you join the challenge. 

Posted by Kirk Driskell
August 10, 2020


Posted by Claudia Mertl
Rotary Club of Atlanta Southern Crescent
August 10, 2020 5:02pm

This is exactly what our program was about last week.



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