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Global Grant Scholar Jared Hampson has started his studies for a Masters degree in Peace and Security at King’s College London.  Jared is sponsored by District 6900, recommended by the Rotary Club of North Columbus. Robbie Green, Past President and Past AG from North Columbus is the District Scholarship Committee member who serves as Rotary Mentor for Jared. He reports:

For the last month England has been in a second national lockdown with no leaving the house except for a few reasons. So there aren't a whole lot of highlights to report. But here are a few:

As class was already online when the lockdown happened, there was no effect. We have continued our regular lectures and small group discussions just like we did pre-lockdown. I am also taking an additional course outside of my program called the Associateship of King's College (AKC) which was the original degree King's offered in 1829. Each week the program provides a lecture on a theme that we respond to in a weekly exam. This term, the AKC theme has been mental health, which I found an interesting topic especially in regards to COVID and lockdown. As the term comes to an end in the middle of December, I am busy finishing papers exploring topics of secret diplomacy and the factors that led to the end of the Algerian War of Independence in 1962, while also preparing for an end of term final.

On the Rotary side, I was the guest speaker for my host club, the rotary club of Edmonton, where I talked about my journey thus far. I participated in an online fundraising event to raise money for the KidsOut organization that brings uplifting experiences to disadvantaged children. Next week I will be the weekly speaker at the Rotary Club of Enfield Chase.

As for other highlights, before we entered lockdown we toured Oxford and caught up with old friends who live there. We celebrated Jamie's first birthday on the 4th of November. We were able to celebrate a wonderful American style Thanksgiving from our flat with Turkey and all of the regular fixings, despite the lockdown. (See attached picture) All in all, we are doing well! Now that we are out of lockdown, we are planning on getting out of London and traveling throughout the UK during the holiday season. Though the changing restrictions are keeping us on our feet with planning!

Posted by Kathy Brandt
December 6, 2020


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