From Our District Governor
Happy Labor Day!

Late in the 19th century the labor movement’s effort to create safe and standard work environments created what we celebrate today. Labor Day became a federal holiday on June 28, 1894 when President Grover Cleveland signed it into law.

In the late 1800’s when the Industrial Revolution was in full swing many Americans were working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week in an effort to just make enough to get by. People of all ages were in mills, mines and factories in unsafe conditions with limited sanitary facilities, no breaks and poor air condition.

For many Americans, today symbolizes the end of the summer and is celebrated with family, friends, long weekend road trips, events, family reunions and celebrations. In years past, cities and towns across our District hosted parades, barbecues, firework shows and public gatherings in their communities. Labor Day weekend is supposed to be filled with relaxation as our responsibilities are suspended for three days. As this holiday weekend draws to an end, I am sure yours may have been different like many other’s. In this time of uncertainty and transition, it is more important than ever to be able to take some time to enjoy the present. With many planned annual events being canceled and our traditions being disrupted, let us not lose sight of all that we have to be grateful for in this day.

On this Labor Day while there are millions of Americans out of work, facing food insecurity and housing insecurity, let us remember those that have lost so much. As we reflect on our communities needs I am confident that D6900 Rotarians will continue to answer the call of their communities’ needs. For Rotarians, our labor of service is able to provide the basic needs of those in our communities at the time of their greatest need.

As I reflect on what we do as a District and Rotarians, I am continuously amazed by your endless willingness to serve those in need. I am challenged daily to think bigger, do more and to keep going. I believe that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best, “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity.”

Happy Labor Day, DG Kirk

Editor's Note: Facebook photos from DG Kirk's visits with our clubs (top to bottom) - Johns Creek North Fulton welcomes DG Kirk; Henry County presents DG Kirk with a $500 check for Vision Warriors; fellowship with the Camilla club

Posted by Kirk Driskell
September 7, 2020


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