2020-21 District Awards
Celebrating the Work We Do

Each spring at District Conference (or for 2019-20 at a  summer event in Columbus), we recognize clubs and Rotarians for their accomplishments during the year. Of course, that requires clubs to let us know what they're doing. The District presents most awards in categories - based on club size - and for the first time in 2021, we have divided clubs into five categories (in the past there were four):

  • Category 1: 1-30 members
  • Category 2: 31-59 members
  • Category 3: 60-99 members
  • Category 4: 100-149 members
  • Category 5: (new) 150 members or more

You can learn more about the awards, and what your club needs to collect and submit on the 2021 Awards page on the district website. Use this link or click on the 2021 Awards button at the top of the district web site.

DG Kirk is looking forward to seeing the accomplishments and service projects that your club creates this Rotary year 2020-2021 through the District 6900 Governor Citation, the Rotary International (RI) Club Citation, and your club’s community service projects. Please be sure to download and review all the Award information as soon as possible so you and your club can prepare for the awards season. Feel free to email any questions to District Awards Chair Court Dowis at Courtdowisdg1819@gmail.com.

Posted by Court Dowis, Jr.
September 3, 2020


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