Let's Get Social

Did you know that DG Kirk Driskell wants to pay for your club to have a party? It's true! In an effort to promote fellowship and membership growth, District 6900 will provide up to $250 to clubs for the express purpose of hosting a club membership social to attract new potential members and introduce them to the fun of Rotary.

This is a Matching grant, meaning that club expenses must total $500 or more to be eligible for the full $250, while any amount less than $500 will be divided evenly between club and District. So invite your family, friends, and prospective Rotarians – have fun!! Funds are limited, though, so this is a “First Come, First Serve” deal. Presidents and Membership Chairs have already received the appropriate documents via email, but anyone with any questions is welcome to contact District Membership Chair Jaclyn Donovan.

Posted by Jaclyn Donovan
August 3, 2020


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