Friendship Exchanges

Rotary Friendship Exchange is Rotary's international exchange program for Rotarians and their families. Friendship Exchange provides participants the opportunity to experience other cultures by staying in the homes of Rotarians in other countries. The program aims to advance international understanding and peace through personal contact across borders while developing interclub relationships for fellowship and service projects. There are three types of Friendship Exchanges:

  • Visitor Program: Individual Rotarians, who may be accompanied by family members, spend a few days in the home of a Rotarian in another country.
  • Team Program: Rotarian couples, typically four to six, visit several communities in a host district for up to one month.
  • Uni-vocational: Host and guest Rotarians of the same occupation observe how their job is done in other countries.

As an international fraternity we should be looking into the possibilities of finding out how our fellow Rotarians in other districts are serving their communities. The best way to know is to have a stronger fellowship and friendship.

Any club interested to participate in Friendship Exchange should contact us with details of their club member’s participants. Participation is requested for only one couple per participating club and maximum of 6 couples will be selected for an outbound team representing our District 6900.

The finance in this program is always supported by either a sponsoring Club or by participants themselves.

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