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2562016 RCNA Strategic PlanNorth Atlanta2016 Strategic Plan for the Rotary Club of North Atlanta (RCNA)

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
Presidents, Presidents-ElectDeKalb Councilppt
512Griffitarian 02March2017GriffinU.S. Park Service Ranger Rebecca Karcher spoke on the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta and the impacts that the Site is making in preserving and fostering Rev. King's legacy of social and nonviolent change.Newsletterspdf
768Board Minutes 2016-17 Rotary YearDunwoodyPDF File2016-17, Board minutespdf
257RCNA Public Relations Plan 2015-16North Atlanta2015-16 Public Relations Plan of the Rotary Club of North Atlanta (RCNA)

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
Presidents, Presidents-ElectDeKalb Councildoc
513Midtown Atlanta Rotary Messenger Mar 7 2016Midtown AtlantaWeekly newsletterNewslettersMessenger Newsletterpdf
769Mar 19, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroMar 19, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
2582014-15 RCNA Strategic PlanNorth Atlanta2014-15 Strategic Plan of the Rotary Club of North Atlanta (RCNA)

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
Presidents, Presidents-ElectDeKalb Councildocx
770Griffitarian 15March2018GriffinDaryl Fletcher, keynote speaker, author, and relationship expert spoke on the importance of communication in success.Newsletterspdf
1026Codicil to last will and testament benefiting the Rotary FoundationAmericusCodicil to amend a last will and testament for the benefit of the Rotary International FoundationPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation ChairsLegacy, will, foundation, givingdocx
3District Governor Nominee Form1 page form for submitting nomination for District GovernorPresidentspdf
2592014-15 RCNA Club Survey QuestionnaireNorth Atlanta2014-15 Club Member Survey of the Rotary Club of North Atlanta (RCNA)

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
Presidents, Presidents-ElectDeKalb Councilpdf
2602014-15 RCNA Member Survey Comments CompilationNorth AtlantaCompilation of club member's responses to a 2014-15 Club Survey conducted by the Rotary Club of North Atlanta (RCNA)

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
Presidents, Presidents-ElectDeKalb Councildocx
772Connecting for Social Good - SandestinColumbusConnecting for Social Good - Sandestin promotional flyerpdf
2612014-15 RCNA Club Survey Numerical ResultsNorth AtlantaNumerical compilation of answers to the 2014-15 Rotary Club of North Atlanta (RCNA) Member Survey

(DeKalb Council shared resource)
Presidents, Presidents-ElectDeKalb Councilpdf
773Mar 26, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroMar 26, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
1029Sponsor ResponsibilitiesBuckhead1-page overview of new member Sponsor ResponsibilitiesPresidents, Membership Chairssponsor,membership
6Building An Electronic ScrapbookNotes from Candace Klein’s electronic scrapbook workshop at the 2013 District ConferencePresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretariespdf
262New Member FormSenoiaNew Member Formpdf
263Club BrochureSenoiaClub Brochurepdf
775Griffitarian 22March2018GriffinChris Brand, Stone Mountain Rotarian and CEO of the nonprofit Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, updated Griffin Rotarians on the activity and impacts that his organization is making in Georgia and in the U.S. Brett Bell also announced a joint effort to increase awareness of human trafficking in our community. Watch the Sunday editions of the Griffin Daily News in April for more information and statistics.Newsletterspdf
264Club By LawsSenoiaClub ByLawspdf
520Mar 13, 2017 MetrolinerMarietta MetroMar 13, 2017 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
776Apr 11, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroApr 11, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
265Club Committee DescriptionsSenoiaClub Committee Descriptionspdf
521Griffitarian 09March2017GriffinIke English of Dauset Trails spoke to our weekly meeting about the history, facilities, and events held at the Nature Center near Jackson, Georgia.Newsletterspdf
7772018-19 District Grants Presentation at District Training AssemblyPDF file of the PowerPoint slides from District Training Assembly March 2018.Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Treasurers, Foundation Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service Chairsdistrict grants instructionspdf
1033Brand StandardsRI Brand Guidlinespdf
522Updating Roster at rotary.org90 second video showing how to update club officers and members on
778Griffitarian 05 April 2018GriffinDr. Francisco Diaz-Gonzales, Director of UGA's Center for Food Safety spoke on the Center's history, mission, and current research activities.Newsletterspdf
11Abuse-Harassment Policy SummarySummary of RI/D6900 policy with regard to abuse/harrassment preventionPresidentsdoc
523Midtown Atlanta Rotary Messenger Mar 14 2017Midtown AtlantaMidtown Messenger weekly club newsNewslettersMessenger newsletterpdf
7792018 Raffle FlyerHenry County2018 Raffle Flyerpdf
12Assistant Governor Reporting FormAn Excel template suggested for use by Assistant Governors in reporting the progress of their clubs each month to the District GovernorAssistant Governorsxls
524AnnouncementMidtown AtlantaMarch Madness Pool begins TuesdayNewslettersAnnouncement Polio newsletter
780Apr 16, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroApr 16, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
269Samuel Morris Scholarship Application SenoiaSamuel Morris Scholarship Applicationpdf
781Griffitarian 12 April 2018GriffinDoug Hollberg, current chair of the Griffin City Commission, spoke on the state of the city.Newsletterspdf
14Areas of Focus brochure16-page brochure from TRF explaining the six areas of focusService Chairspdf
270Laws of Life VideoYoutube video about the Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest
7822016-2019 Club Administration Manual22-page PDF Rotary manual on Club AdministrationPresidents, Secretariespdf
15D6900 Abuse-Harrassment Prevention Policy13-page District 6900 policy with regard to preventing abuse and harassment of children, including appendices on reporting guidelines and recommendations to clubsPresidents, Service Chairsyouth, protectionpdf
527Mar 20, 2017 MetrolinerMarietta MetroMar 20, 2017 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
783How to Add A Club Officer3-page PDF info-graphic showing how to add an officer to your club roster at rotary.orgSecretariespdf
16Developing Sustainable ProjectsOne-page overview from TRF on steps involved in developing sustainable projects.Service Chairspdf
528Volunteer of the Year ApplicationMidtown AtlantaBarbara B. Rose Volunteer of the Year Award ApplicationScrapbooksBarbara Rose Volunteer of the Yeardoc
784Public Relations Manual22-page PDF Rotary manual for public relationsPresidents, Public Image Chairspdf
1296Buckhead Rotary Foundation Additional DocumentsBuckheadZIP archive containing 1) Articles of Incorporation of the Buckhead Rotary Foundation, Inc.
2) IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter
3) Collection and Agency Agreements with Rotary Club of Buckhead, The Rotary Foundation, and the Georgia Rotary Student Program Endowment Fund
4) Letter of instruction to Investment Firm(s)
5) List of Benefactors
6) Recognition of Donations
7) Naming of Giving Levels
8) Appendix A: Otis Jackson Scholarships
17District Rotary Foundation Committee Manual69-page manual from TRF intended to assist district Rotary Foundation committee members in their leadership rolesFoundation Chairspdf
529Midtown Atlanta Rotary Messenger March 21, 2017Midtown AtlantaMidtown Atlanta Messenger Weekly NewsletterNewslettersmessenger newsletterpdf
785Rotary Basics44-page PDF reference guide for Rotary membersPresidentspdf