From RI Director Peter Kyle

RI Director Peter Kyle has invited each of us to participate in the Zones 33/34 You've Beens Served Event. Running from Wednesday, February 23 (Rotary's Anniversary) to the week of Paul Harris' birthday (Saturday, April 23), this event will allow clubs in the Zones to demonstrate Rotary's motto of Service Above Self by performing random acts of kindness and good deeds in their local communities. This is a "no barriers" event that ALL clubs, Interactors, Rotaractors and Rotarians can participate in to help local communities, raise awareness of Rotary and local clubs, attract new members and engage current members. We also hope to inspire those we serve to pay it forward by serving someone else in the future.

Clubs will work in conjunction with the Zones' Public Image team to advertise this event dedicated to service across the Zones. This event could become an annual event and may, one day, become international with Rotary Clubs all across the world participating.

Visit Rotary Serves – You've Been Served for more information, resources, and a special place to highlight acts of service and kindness performed during the event.!

Posted by Neill Ferrill
February 7, 2022


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