Rotary Year 1921 — 1922

District 8 GovernorJohn A. Turner
Rotary PresidentCrawford C. McCullough
Home CountryCanada
Convention LocationLos Angeles, CA

John A. Turner was the next District Governor, serving in 1921-22.

A new Rotary District had been formed for Cuba and Puerto Rico, and while our District number remained the same, “8,” it returned to its geographical make-up of Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

During Governor Turner’s administration clubs in Georgia were formed in Gainesville, Moultrie and Waynesboro. Because of the distance from Tampa, the then immediate past Governor, W. R. C. Smith, presented the Waynesboro charter in lieu of Governor John Turner, and it has been sometimes mistakenly stated that Dick Smith was District Governor when Waynesboro was admitted.