Rotary Year 1927 — 1928

District 39 GovernorRobert Arnold
Rotary PresidentArthur H. Sapp
Home CountryUSA
Convention LocationMinneapolis, MN

Back to Florida went the District Governorship for the term of 1927-28 when Robertson T. “Bert” Arnold, of Jacksonville, became the head. There were no clubs formed in Georgia under Bert Arnold’s administration.

At the close of his year the District Conference was held in Atlanta and the 39th District was divided and two District Governors were elected - one by Florida - retaining the number of District 39, and another by Georgia which was then called District 69.

At the District Conference held in Atlanta in the Spring of 1928, we said fond farewell to our Florida neighbors and the State of Georgia was made into a District and given the number of District 69.