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95920192019 House of Friendship application (2019)Use this form to reserve a table in the 2019 District Conference House of Friendship (The Pit Crew Lounge)District Conference, HOF, House of Friendship, Pit Crew Loungepdf
9582019Rotalight (1-9-2019) (2019)MariettaRotalight (1-9-2019)Rotalight (1-9-2019)pdf
9572019Entrepreneur's Workshop (2019)RoswellAll the details for the upcoming entrepreneur's workshop lead by Hal Coleman.pdf
9562019Dec 26 2018 Rotalight (2019)MariettaDecember 26 RotalightNewsletterspdf
9532019Jan 7, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroJan 7, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
95220192018 Club Holiday Party Photos (2019)Marietta Metro2018 Club Holiday Party Photos
9512019Dec 17, 2018 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroDec 17, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
9502019Rotalight (12-12-2018) (2019)MariettaRotalight (12-12-2018)Rotalight (12-12-2018)
94920192018-2019 Charitable Fund Budget (2019)DunwoodyThe Charitable Fund Budget for 2018-2019Presidentspdf
9482019Rotalight (12-05-2018) (2019)MariettaDecember 5 Rotalightpdf
9472019Rotalight (11-28-2018) (2019)MariettaNovember Rotalightpdf
9462018Dec 10, 2018 Metroliner (2018)Marietta MetroDec 10, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
9452018Dec 3, 2018 Metroliner (2018)Marietta MetroDec 3, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
9442018Nov 26, 2018 Metroliner (2018)Marietta MetroNov 26, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
943Rotalight (11-14-2018)MariettaRotalight (11-14-2018)Rotalight (11-14-2018)pdf
942E-Peptarian - November 9, 2018NewnanE-Peptarian - November 9, 2018Newsletterspdf
941Griffitarian 08 November 2018GriffinThis last edition of The Griffitarian to be published reports our Veterans Day program honoring our many veterans in our Club.Newsletterspdf
940Nov 12, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroNov 12, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
939Rotalight (11-7-2018)MariettaRotalight (11-7-2018)Rotalight (11-7-2018)pdf
938Griffitarian 01 November 2018GriffinSpalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix presented this week's program by updating his department's activities in improving operation, organization, accountability, and professionalism. Dix also offered some basic information on avoiding, denying access, and defending against active shooters.Newsletterspdf
937EPeptarian - November 2, 2018NewnanEPeptarian - November 2, 2018Newsletterspdf
936Nov 5, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroNov 5, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
935Rotalight (10-31-2018)MariettaRotalight (10-31-2018)Rotalight (10-31-2018)pdf
934Rotalight (10-24-2018)MariettaRotalight (10-24-2018)Rotalight (10-24-2018)pdf
933Rotalight (10-17-2018)MariettaRotalight (10-17-2018)Rotalight (10-17-2018)pdf
9312018 RRC Teacher Exchange ApplicationRoswellDownload the application and follow the instructions to apply for this great opportunity.docx
930Griffitarian 25 October 2018GriffinCynthia Cole spoke on the Historic Banning Mills facility located in Carroll County. The 300-acre American Adventure Park offers a variety of activities and outside adventures that can be coupled with team building and group therapy activities.Newsletterspdf
929Oct 29, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroOct 29, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
928Teacher Exchange ApplicationRoswellDownload the application and follow the instructions to apply for this great program.pdf
927Jingle JogHenry CountyJingle Jogpdf
9262018 Jingle Jog 5/K RegistrationHenry CountyJingle Jogpdf
925Epeptarian - October 26th, 2018NewnanEpeptarian - October 26th, 2018Newsletterspdf
92420192019 India National Immunization Day Materials (2019)Zip archive of the trip application and preliminary itineraryPresidents, Service Chairszip
9232021-2022 Membership Information and ApplicationNewnan2021-2022 Membership Information and ApplicationPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Membership Chairspdf
922EPeptarian - October 19, 2018NewnanEPeptarian - October 19, 2018Newsletterspdf
921Griffitarian 18 October 2018GriffinChristy Plott spoke on her family's 95-year-old business - American Tanning and Leather Company.Newsletterspdf
920Oct 22, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroOct 22, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
919Marietta Grant ApplicationMariettaMarietta Grant Application 2018docx
918EPeptarian - October 12th, 2018NewnanEPeptarian - October 12th, 2018Newsletterspdf
9172019Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief Funding (2019)1-page MS Word application for disaster relief emergency fundingPresidents, Service Chairsdoc
916Griffitarian 11 October 2018GriffinJeff Williams, Executive Director of Square Foot Ministry, spoke on the mission and works of the Ministry in constructing homes and transforming neighborhoods and lives. Newsletterspdf
915Oct 15, 2018 MetrolinerMarietta MetroOct 15, 2018 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
914Rotalight (10-10-2018)MariettaRotalight (10-10-2018)Rotalight (10-10-2018)pdf
913Griffitarian 04 October 2018GriffinThis is a re-send of Saturday's distribution of the October 4th Griffitarian. The link within the email blast is not working. Hopefully this will have an active link.Newsletterspdf
912Griffitarian 04 October 2018GriffinGriffin Rotary held its Fall Club Outing at The Big Shanty on Thursday evening. Our GRSP Student shares a "surreal" art assignment experience.Newsletterspdf
911October 5, 2018 E PeptarainNewnanOctober 5, 2018 E PeptarainNewsletterspdf
91020192018-19 Public Image Citation (2019)PDFpdf
909Rotalight (10-3-2018)MariettaRotalight (10-3-2018)Rotalight (10-3-2018)pdf
908EPeptarian - September 28, 2018NewnanEPeptarian - September 28, 2018Newsletterspdf
907Griffitarian 27 September 2018GriffinA map is provided for our Fall Club Outing at Big Shanty on Thursday at 5:30 PM. It will be a cookout where you will grill your own steak (shrimp or chicken).Newsletterspdf