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10112019Rotalight (4-10-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (4-10-19)Rotalight (4-10-19)pdf
10092019GRSP Host Family Timeline (2019)PDFGRSPpdf
100820202019-2020 District Grants District Training Assembly PowerPoint Presentation (2020)PDF file of PowerPoint presentation given at District Training Assembly.Presidents-Elect, Foundation Chairs, Service Chairspdf
10072019GRSP Host Family Timeline (2019)PDFGRSPpdf
10062019Apr 8, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroApr 8, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10052019Rotalight (3-27-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (3-27-19)Rotalight (3-27-19)pdf
10042019Mar 25, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroMar 25, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10032019Rotalight (3-20-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (3-20-19)Rotalight (3-20-19)pdf
1002Home Page VideoRoswellVideo for home pagePresidents
10012019Mar 18, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroMar 18, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10002019Rotalight (3-13-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (3-13-19)Rotalight (3-13-19)pdf
9992019Rotalight (3-13-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (3-13-19)Rotalight (3-13-19)pdf
9982019Kentucky Derby Gala 2019 Sponsor Signup (2019)PDFpdf
9972019Kentucky Derby Gala 2019 Sponsor Information (2019)PDFpdf
9962019Kentucky Derby Gala 2019 Promotional Flyer (2019)PDFpdf
994District Grants Presentation at PETSDistrict Grants Presentation at PETSPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Assistant Governorspptx
9932019-20 District Governor Citation2019-20 District Governor CitationPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Assistant Governorsdocx
9922019Mar 11, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroMar 11, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
9912019Rotalight (3-6-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (3-6-19)Rotalight (3-6-19)pdf
99020202019-2020 District Grants PETS PowerPoint Presentation (2020)PDF of presentation includes basic information for 2019-2020 district grants including evaluation criteria for competitive grant selection.Presidents-Elect, Foundation Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service Chairsdistrict grantspdf
98920202019-2020 District Grants Information (2020)Flyer provides basic information for district grants for the 2019-2020 year including deadline dates, competitive grants, and clubs that are eligible for extra funds.Presidents-Elect, Treasurers, Foundation Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service Chairsdistrict grantspdf
9882019Mar 4, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroMar 4, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
98720192019 Conference Information (2019)Information about the conference for Presidents and other district leadersPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Assistant Governorspdf
9862019Rotalight (2-27-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (2-27-19)Rotalight (2-27-19)pdf
9852019Rotalight (2-13-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (2-13-19)Rotalight (2-13-19)pdf
9842019Feb 25, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroFeb 25, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
98320192019 House of Friendship application (2019)Application to reserve your place in the 2019 House of Friendship at District Conference in Destin Floridapdf
9822019December 2018 Board Minutes (2019)DunwoodyPDFpdf
9812019November 2018 Board Minutes (2019)DunwoodyPDFpdf
9802019October 2018 Board Minutes (2019)DunwoodyPDFpdf
9792019September 30, 2018 Board Minutes (2019)DunwoodyPDFpdf
9782019September 18, 2018 Board Minutes (2019)DunwoodyPDFpdf
9772019August 2018 Board minutes (2019)DunwoodyPDFpdf
9762019July 2018 Board Meeting Minutes (2019)DunwoodyPDFpdf
9752019Governors Ball Silent Auction Donation Form (2019)DunwoodyWord documentdoc
9742018Board Meeting Minutes - 2017/18 Rotary Year (2018)DunwoodyPDF document representing all 2017-18 Rotary Year board minutes for The Rotary Club of Dunwoodypdf
9732019Feb 11, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroFeb 11, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
9722019Rotalight (2-6-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (2-6-19)Rotalight (2-6-19)pdf
9712019Rotalight (1-30-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (1-30-19)Rotalight (1-30-19)pdf
9702019Feb 4, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroFeb 4, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
96920192019 Governors Ball Donation Form (2019)DunwoodyAuction Donation FromSilent Auction Formdoc
9682019Rotalight (1-23-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (1-23-19)Rotalight (1-23-19)pdf
9672019Jan 28, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroJan 28, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
9662019Rotalight (1-16-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (1-16-19)Rotalight (1-16-19)pdf
9652019Rotalight (1-16-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (1-16-19)Rotalight (1-16-19)pdf
9642019PN/PE Timeline (2019)Word doc containing PN/PE timeline for 2019/2020Presidents-Electdocx
9632019Webinar Training Schedule (2019)Excel file with draft 2019/2020 webinar schedulePresidents-Electxlsx
9622019Jan 14, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroJan 14, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
96120192019 Gran Prix Team registration (2019)Use this form to register your Big Wheel team for the Gran Prix race at 2019 District Conference2019 District Conference, registration, Gran Prix, Big Wheel, Racepdf
96020192019 District Conference Paper Registration (2019)Use this form to register by mail 2019 District Conference, registrationpdf