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10632020Rotalight (8-14-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight *8-14-19)Rotalight (8-14-19)pdf
10622020Aug 12, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroAug 12, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10612020Club Bylaws (2020)AmericusBylaws for the Rotary Club of Americus dated 8/13/2019Bylawspdf
10602020Rotalight (8-7-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (8-7-19)Rotalight (8-7-19)pdf
10592020Rotaract/Interact Awards (2020)Zip archive containing Rotaract and Interact awards forms and brochuresPresidents, Service Chairs, Young Professionalszip
10582020Aug 5, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroAug 5, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10572020Rotalight (7-31-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (7-31-19)Rotaliight (7-31-19)pdf
10562020Rotalight (7-24-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (7-24-19)Rotalight (7-24-19)pdf
105520202019-2020 Awards Overview (2020)2-page PDF with overview of District 6900 awards for 2019-2020Presidentspdf
105420202019-2020 RI and District Awards PPT (2020)18-page PowerPoint presentation about 2019-2020 Rotary International and District 6900 awardsPresidentspptx
105320202019-2020 Rotary Citation Brochure (2020)2-page PDF with 2019-2020 Rotary Citation detailsPresidentspdf
10522020Jul 29, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroJul 29, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10512020Year Preview 2019-2020 (2020)AmericusThe year in preview 2019-2020, presented to the Rotary Club of Americus on July 23, 2019pptx
10502020Updating Projects (2020)ThomasvilleSteps to update club projects.projectspdf
104920202019-2020 District Grant Project Signage Information (2020)One page information pertaining to project signage funded by district grantsPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Treasurers, Foundation Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service ChairsDistrict Grantspdf
10482020Jul 22, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroJul 22, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10472020Rotalight (7-10-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (7-10-19)Rotalight (7-10-19)pdf
10462020Rotalight (7-17-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (7-17-19)Rotalight (7-17-19)pdf
10452020New Member Proposal (2020)DunwoodyNew Member
10442020Jul 15, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroJul 15, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10422020Rotary Club of Americus New Member Application (2020)AmericusThe New Member Application is used as a guide for proposing new members and getting the necessary approvals for them to join the club.Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation Chairs, Membership Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service Chairs, Public Image Chairs, Newsletters, GRSP Trustee, Young Professionals, Silent Auction Form, ScrapbooksApplication, New, Proposed, Memberpdf
10412020Independence Day 2019 - Photos (2020)Marietta MetroIndependence Day 2019 - PhotosNewsletters, Scrapbookspdf
104020202020 Awards Materials (2020)Zip archive of four documents explaining how 2020 awards will work.Presidentsawardszip
10392020Jul 8, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroJul 8, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
103720192019 End of Year Party Photos (2019)Marietta Metro2019 End of Year Party PhotosNewsletterspdf
10362019Rotalight (6-19-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (6-19-19)Rotalight (6-19-19)pdf
10352019Rotalight (6-12-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (6-12-19)Rotalight (6-12-19)pdf
10342019Jun 24, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroJun 24, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
1033Brand StandardsRI Brand Guidlinespdf
10322019Jun 17, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroJun 17, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10312019Rotalight (6-5-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (6-5-19)Rotalight (6-5-19)pdf
10302019Jun 3, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroJun 3, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
1029Sponsor ResponsibilitiesBuckhead1-page overview of new member Sponsor ResponsibilitiesPresidents, Membership Chairssponsor,membership
102820192019 S.A. White Oil Company Golf Tournament Photos (2019)Marietta Metro2019 S.A. White Oil Company Golf Tournament Photospdf
10272019Legacy form for the Rotary Foundation Endowment (2019)AmericusRotary Legacy Form for reporting to the RI Foundation that a bequest has been made through a will, living trust, retirement or insurance plan beneficiary designation, donor advised fund, charitable remainder trust, or other method. This form is also used to specify any restrictions on how the spending portion of the gift will be used.Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation Chairsfoundation, bequest, will, beneficiary, donation, recognitionpdf
1026Codicil to last will and testament benefiting the Rotary FoundationAmericusCodicil to amend a last will and testament for the benefit of the Rotary International FoundationPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation ChairsLegacy, will, foundation, givingdocx
10252019Rotalight (5-15-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (5-15-19)Rotalight (5-15-19)pdf
10242020Youth Development Grant-Stephenson High Robotices partnership (2020)South DeKalbThe South DeKalb community is challenged to re-direct its youth to more positive outcomes with regards to educational attainment, career development, community enhancement and viability. A glance at the socio-economic trends that plaque the community are dismal and spiraling too many times in the wrong direction. While we have seen hopeful signs through our continue support of the Stephenson High School Robotics program more can be done. Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Foundation Chairs
10232020Carrollton Rotary - Connecting the World With Our Special Populations (2020)CarrolltonThe Carrollton Rotary Club plans to purchase I-Pads for one of it's most vulnerable citizen groups in our area: The ARC Carroll County. These four Apple 11 inch I-Pad Pro Wi-Fi 256 GB will help the clients become and stay connected in so many ways that will improve the quality of life for them. Rotarians will interact with the clients by volunteering at the center to help the clients learn to use the I Pads. Presidents-Elect, Foundation Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service Chairs
10222019May 13, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroMay 13, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10212019Rotalight (5-8-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (5-8-19)Rptalight (5-8-19)pdf
10202019Financial Literacy 101 and 102 (2019)Alpharettapdfpdf
10192019Club Constitution (2019)AmericusThis is the constitution of the Rotary Club of Americus. The framework document is created and updated by Rotary International. This version was downloaded from RI on 05/02/2019, edited to include information specific to the Rotary Club of Americus, and approved by the Board of the Americus Club on 07/09/2019. Constitutionpdf
10182019May 6, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroMay 6, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10172019Rotalight (5-1-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (5-1-19)Rotalight (5-1-19)pdf
10162019Apr 29, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroApr 29, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10152020Mark Maloney Video (2020)Watch Mark Maloney's message to 2019-20 club presidents.Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Assistant Governors, Videos
10142019Rotalight (4-17-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (4-17-19)Rotalight (4-17-19)pdf
10132019Apr 22, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroApr 22, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10122019Apr 15, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroApr 15, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf