March 21, 2023 12:00 pm

Board Meeting

Rotary Board meeting 3/21/2005 Debbie R/ Debb V / Janet R / Amanda H/Carlos H/Lydia/ Edward/Sherman • RYLA · Dr Thom to send reccomendations for 2 students 1 from each HS • Picked up Schlorship Apps. 13total from CHS Amanda, Lydia , Kevin, Debbie V, and Janet R to review April 25th is the 84th anniversary of Polk County Rotary Balance Sheet review •Deb & She attending District Assembly • Debbie to talk to grant lady obout the mural Grant Fidelity of our meetings. Reaching out when members are out board votes & then takes to the group for updates June changing of guards JUne 26th •April 22nd 8:30 am meet at Hilburn field for clean up day • Service Chair for upcoming year ?? Plants for fountain / Carlos quote $461.06 Painting not necessary of moment Motion Passed for Plants 5th Tuesday in May we will take off April 22 earth clean up day 8:30am 23rd plant day @ fountain 3pm 25th 84th Anniversary @ meeting 12pm May 2nd Wes Everett speaker 30th Off day June 26th Changing of guards 6pm Edward Murry to be Social Media Chair

Rotary Club of Polk County
Rockmart, GA 30153