Rotary District 6900 Resolutions PDF Version

Article 1: Governance

Section 1 – Robert’s Rules of Order. The parliamentary procedure for the conduct of all district 6900 committee meetings that are defined in the District 6900 Resolution’s document shall be the Robert’s Rules of Order. (12/23/2019)

Section 2 – Vice Governor. The role of the Vice Governor is to replace the District Governor in the event of the temporary or permanent inability of the latter to serve. The immediate Past District Governor shall serve as Vice Governor; provided, however, if said person is unable or unwilling to so serve in this position, he/she shall notify the Nominating Committee no later than December 1st of his/her year as District Governor. In such event, the Nominating Committee shall select a Vice Governor from the four immediate Past District Governors, which selection shall be approved at the District Conference. (12/23/2019)

Section 3 – Council on Resolutions and Legislation. District 6900 will make the selection of our representative by Nominating Committee Procedure as per the (see latest RI MOP) RI Bylaws Article 8 Section 8.050.1.

The representative and the alternate representative should be selected by a nominating procedure. The nominating committee procedure, including any challenges and a resulting election, shall be conducted and completed in the year two years preceding the council. The nominating committee procedure shall be based on the nominating committee procedure for district governors set forth in section 13.020 to the extent it is not in conflict with this section. A candidate for representative shall not be eligible to serve on the committee.

See 8.020. Qualifications of Voting Members of the Council (12/22/2019)

Article 2: Committees

Section 1 – Resolutions Committee. The Resolutions Committee shall be responsible for compiling, circulating, and presenting all resolutions to be presented at district meetings, and in conjunction with the Executive Office Manager, for maintaining a record of all enacted resolutions in a permanent electronic file. This committee shall consist of a District Parliamentarian chosen and appointed for an indefinite term by the District Governor, plus the Immediate Past District Governor and the District Governor Elect.

Section 2 – Planning & Advisory Committee. A District Planning and Advisory Committee shall exist to assist the District Governor and future district leadership to more effectively plan and consistently lead the district. The committee will meet as a minimum, semiannually. The governor will determine the date, time and location of the meeting. The following will be compiled reviewed, evaluated, documented, maintained and published by the committee:

  • Resolutions
  • Customs and Traditions
  • District Strategic Planning Findings
  • Reports and Recommendation from other District committees

The committee will consist of the following eleven members with the Executive Office Manager as an ex-officio non-voting member. Appointments are by title/role in the district during the current Rotary year with exception of the one PDG appointed by the sitting governor. All appointments expire at the end of each Rotary year:

  1. The Chair shall be the District Governor
  2. The Vice Chair shall be the District Governor Elect
  3. The most immediate service Past District Governor active in a District 6900 Rotary Club
  4. The next most immediate service Past District Governor active in a District 6900 Rotary Club
  5. The District Governor Nominee
  6. The District Rotary Foundation Chair
  7. The District Treasurer
  8. The District Conference Chair
  9. The District Membership Director
  10. The District Public Image Director
  11. One PDG active in a D6900 Rotary Club appointed by the District Governor
  12. (6/27/2023)

Section 3 – Strategic Planning Committee. A District Strategic Planning Committee shall exist for future District leadership to review, analyze and interpret current membership, service, fund-raising, public image, leadership, and other trends in order to provide continuity in the planning and administration of the needs of the District. The Committee will meet not less than semi-annually. The committee will consist of the DGND, DGN, DGE, DG and IPDG. The DGN will chair the committee and will determine/announce the date, time and location of the meetings. The Strategic Planning Committee Chair will present an update of the work of the Committee at least once a year to the District Planning and Advisory Committee. (12/23/2019)

Section 4 – Nominating Committee. A District 6900 Nominating Committee shall exist for the purpose of selecting a District Governor Nominee Designate to serve as District Governor in the third Rotary year following the annual convening of the Committee as determined by the current District Governor.

The Committee shall consist of all District 6900 Past District Governors who are an Active or Honorary member of a District 6900 Rotary Club and attending in person the annual convening of the Committee, the District Governor, District Governor Elect and District Governor Nominee. The District Governor shall chair the committee and the most immediate past district governor active in a D6900 Rotary Club shall be Vice-Chair.

The Committee shall be charged with the duty of seeking and proposing the best available candidate for District Governor Nominee. At least three (3) months prior to the annual convening of the Committee in November, the District Governor shall inquire of each club in the District if the club has any qualified member it wishes to propose as a nominee for District Governor. This notice will include the Duties and Responsibilities of the District Governor position. The District Governor will forward the applications of all DGND candidates to the Committee members and will schedule the Committee meeting and invite all Candidate to appear before the Committee for an interview.

The nominating committee for governor shall not be limited in its selection to those names submitted by clubs in the district. The committee shall nominate the best qualified Rotarian who is available to serve as District Governor, provided they agree to serve as District Governor, meet the qualifications and agree to the Duties and Responsibilities of the District Governor set by the Council on Legislation and have the full support and backing of their Rotary Club.

Voting shall be by a prepared secret ballot and a majority of the committee shall be required for selection of the candidate. If a Candidate is from the home or current club of a Past District Governor present at the meeting, that Past District Governor will recuse themselves from voting. Each vote of the Committee shall be tallied by the Chair and Vice-Chair jointly and the results of each ballot announced immediately to the Committee. If there are more than two (2) Candidates and no Candidate receives a majority vote on the first ballot, the name of the Candidate(s) with the least number of votes will be removed from the second ballot. If subsequent ballots continue to result in a tie, the committee will debate the candidate qualifications and cast another ballot until the tie is broken. All ballots shall be clearly labeled and certified by the Chair and Vice-Chair. The Executive Office Manager will secure the ballots in their possession and destroy them after the selected candidate is formally elected at the Rotary International Convention.

Within three days of the nominating committee selection, the governor should notify the clubs in writing of the name and club of the nominee. We encourage all PDGs, DG, DGE, DGN, family and friends to join the nominating committee at the first available club meeting after the announcement of the DGND to celebrate their nomination. Any club in the district in existence for at least one year as of the beginning of that year may also propose a challenging candidate for governor-nominee, but only if it previously suggested the candidate to the nominating committee. A club in existence for less than one year as of the beginning of that year may propose a challenging candidate if the candidate is a member of that club and was already suggested to the nominating committee. The name of the challenging candidate shall be submitted by a resolution of the club adopted at a regular meeting and filed with the governor by the date set by the governor, which shall be within 14 days of notification of the selection for governor-nominee.

The representative to the Council on Legislation and an alternate will be selected or reconfirmed by the nominating committee each year. The representative and alternate must be a past district governor and an active member of a club in the district. The term of the representative and alternate begins on 1 July in the year after the year of selection. Each representative shall serve a term of three years or until a successor is selected and certified. The nominating committee shall be composed of all past governors who are members of a club in that district and are willing and able to serve. A candidate for representative shall not serve on the committee. Representatives shall be selected by 30 June in the year two years before the council on legislation.

Candidates to represent the district on the Zone Director Nominating Committee will be proposed by the district nominating committee every 4 years or as scheduled by the RI board of directors. The person with the most votes will serve as the representative and the person with the second most votes will serve as the alternate. The nominees must be a Past District Governor active in a club in the district that is current with District and RI dues for that Rotary year. The representative or alternate may not be a past Zone Director and will serve a one-year term beginning July 1, the year that a new Zone Director will be selected. (6/27/2023)

Section 5 – Finance Committee. A District Finance Committee shall safeguard the assets of the district fund by reviewing and studying the amount of per capita levy and necessary expenses of district administration meet quarterly and prepare an annual report on the status of the district’s finances, to be presented at the district assembly.

The Finance Committee shall consist of the District Governor, the District Governor Elect, the District Governor Nominee, the Foundation Director, the District Conference Chair, the most immediate Past District Governor active in a D6900 Rotary Club, the District Treasurer and up to three appointed members. The siting governor shall appoint one Rotarian to serve for one three-year term. The Executive Office Manager is an ex-officio non-voting member of the Committee. The most immediate Past District Governor active in a District 6900 Rotary Club shall chair the committee. No appointed member of this committee shall serve more than three consecutive years.

Cooperating with the Governor Elect, this committee shall prepare a budget of district expenditures that shall be submitted to the clubs at least four weeks prior to the district assembly and approved at a meeting of the incoming club presidents at the district assembly. The amount of any per capita levy on clubs for a district fund should be decided in accordance with the RI Bylaws. (RCP 17.060)

The District Fund shall be financed by all clubs in the district by way of per capita levy on the members of these clubs. The amount of the levy shall be decided by either:

  1. The District Assembly after the approval of three-fourths of incoming club presidents present, provided that where a president-elect is excused from attending the district assembly by the governor-elect in accordance with article IX, section 5(c) of the standard club constitution, the designated representative of the president-elect shall be entitled to vote in the president-elect’s place, or, at the option of the district,
  2. The District Conference by a majority of the electors present and voting.

The per capita levy is mandatory on all clubs in the district. The district treasurer shall serve as a member of the committee and keep proper records of income and expenditure of the fund. The funds shall be held in a bank account in the name of the district and operated upon by the governor jointly with another member of the Finance Committee who shall preferably be the treasurer when available. It is highly encouraged that the district fund account be held with a banking institution that has locations throughout the district. By having a permanent district banking account only signatures would need to be changed on an annual basis. A majority vote of the Finance Committee is required for a change of banking institution for sources of the district’s funds (RI, TRF, District and Clubs). Any change to the authorization shall be approved by the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee may authorize the treasurer to place operating funds in an interest-earning account such as a money market account to better utilize the funds.

Annual Statement and Report of District Finances

The outgoing governor shall arrange for timely filing of the district federal tax return and for an annual statement and report of the district finances that has been independently reviewed by a district audit committee. A copy of this annual statement and report of district finances must be provided to each club in the district within three (3) months of completion of the governor’s year in office. The annual statement and report shall be presented at the next district conference to which all clubs are entitled to send a representative and for which a 30-day notice has been given that the statement and report of district finances shall be presented for discussion and adoption.

NOTE: For District Audit Committee selection requirements and Annual Statement and Report of District Finances details required see: Latest Copy of RI MOP, RI BYLAWS PAGE 225 & 226 Article 15 Districts 15.060.4. District Statement and Report of District Finances. (6/27/2023)

Article 3: Financial Management

Section 1 – Budget. Operation of a District Fund: (see latest RI MOP), “Cooperating with the Governor Elect, the district finance committee shall prepare a budget which shall be submitted to the clubs at least four weeks prior to the district assembly and approved by the incoming club presidents at the district assembly”.

Practice and practicality suggest that actually the primary responsibility for preparation of the district operating budget falls in the purview of the Governor Elect, with the assistance and approval of the finance committee; then is submitted to the incoming club presidents as required.

It should be the district’s goal to maintain a cash/cash equivalent reserve fund equal to 75% of the district operating expense budget and any surplus in the fund be evaluated at the end of the fiscal year by the finance committee.

Expenses of District Officers and Committee Chairs:

  • The DG, DGE and DGN will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses related to their positions if budget allows.
  • The DG, DGE and DGN will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses to attend the RI International Convention if the budget allows.
  • The DG, DGE, and DGN will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses to attend the zone institute, including GETS and GNTS.
  • The DG, DGE (including children and other family members), and the aide to the RI President’s Representative at the District Conference (usually the immediate past district governor) will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses to attend the district conference.
  • The DG, DGE and DGN will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses for planning their respective district conferences, to plan and attend AG training, PETS and the District Assembly.
  • Members of the district leadership team responsible for organizing the district conference may be reimbursed for attending the district conference as the conference expense budget allows.
  • Active Past District Governors may be reimbursed for registration fees in total or in part, for attending district & zone events if the current district budget allows for those expenses with prior authorization from the District Governor.
  • AG’s will receive an annual sum for expenses (no accounting required).
  • Where applicable, in any of the above, spouse registration and expenses will be paid.
  • The inbound GSE/VTT conference registration and hotel expenses shall be paid out of the operating budget.
  • The district awards should also be paid out of the operating budget.

Documentation of expenses per IRS requirements is required before reimbursement.

It is expected that in the course of budget preparation, parties whose expenses or expenditures are to be provided for in the budget, (governor- elect, governor-nominee, RI Foundation Chair, GSE/VTT Chair, et al will be consulted and advised of the amount of expenditure provided for. Should it develop that category item expenses greater than 10% above what is budgeted are needed, advance approval by the governor with concurrence of the finance committee is required. If, at any time, an overall deficit is projected (revenues minus expenses), the district governor must go to the finance committee with a revised balanced budget for approval.

The governor’s allowance provided by RI shall be taken into the district operating budget as income and deposited into the district operating account when received from RI. Then all reimbursable expenses of the governor shall be paid to the governor by the district. Expenses that RI permits within the allowance will be accounted for by the treasurer, who will prepare the interim and the final reports required by RI for the governor.

When the District is paying for attendance at an event for a Rotarian, the Rotarian is expected to attend and participate. If the Rotarian does not attend and participate, he or she shall reimburse the District for funds received.

Assumptions used in preparation of the district fund budget and the district conference budget will be included with the proposed budgets and forwarded with them to the approving authority, which shall be the Finance Committee. (6/27/2023)

Section 2 – Dues. Article 15, RI Bylaws 15.060.1 provides for a District Fund and describes the process required to establish and maintain it. In July and January of each year the District Treasurer shall forward each Rotary Club an invoice for 50% of the per capita levy approved by the district assembly or the district conference, as the case may be, for that Rotary year. The amount of the invoice shall be based upon the number of active members as recorded at RI as of June 30 and December 31, respectively.

Reminders of per capita dues shall be sent to attention of the respective club treasurers, with copies to club presidents. District dues are payable July and January.

All payments are to be made to the District Treasurer, where their receipt will be logged in and checks deposited. The District Treasurer will follow up with clubs not responding with timely payment and will document each contact in a log until all collections are made. (12/22/2019)

Article 4: District Conference & Training

Section 1 – District Conference. A district conference shall be held annually at a time agreed upon by the governor and the presidents of a majority of the clubs. The governor-nominee may begin planning the conference when selected and certified to the general secretary. The conference dates shall not conflict with the district training assembly, the international assembly, or the international convention. The governor-nominee and a majority of the current club presidents must agree on the site for the conference.

The governor for the affected year shall appoint a conference chairperson and treasurer. The conference chairperson shall form and staff such committees as are appropriate to plan and execute the conference. The district conference shall have a balanced budget. At least nine months before the conference, the conference chairperson, with the assistance of the treasurer, and with the concurrence of the governor, shall prepare a balanced budget of conference income and expenses and shall submit it to the finance committee for approval. Documentation of expenses per IRS requirements is required before reimbursement.

The conference chair and treasurer shall review income and expense actuals and make projections monthly. Should it develop that category item expenses of more than 10% over what is budgeted are needed, advance approval by the governor with concurrence of the finance committee is required. If at any time, an overall deficit is projected (revenue minus expenses) the conference chairperson and the district governor must go to the finance committee with a revised balanced budget for approval.

A conference or legislation meeting may adopt recommendations on matters important to the district, in accordance with the RI constitution and bylaws and the spirit and principles of Rotary. Each conference and legislation meeting shall consider and act on all matters submitted.

Within 30 days after the conference, the governor or acting chair, along with the secretary, shall prepare a report of the conference proceedings and send it to the general secretary and each club secretary in the district. (6/27/2023)

Section 2 – President Elect Training Seminar (PETS). A district (or multidistrict) PETS shall be held annually, preferably in February or March, to orient and train presidents-elect in the district as determined by the board. The governor-elect shall plan, conduct, direct, and supervise the PETS. (6/27/2023)

Section 3 – District Assembly. A district (or multidistrict) training assembly shall be held annually, preferably in March, April, or May, to develop club leaders who have the necessary skills, knowledge, and motivation to: sustain and expand their membership base; implement successful projects that address the needs of their communities and communities in other countries; and support TRF through both program participation and financial contributions. The governors-elect shall plan, conduct, direct, and supervise the district training assembly. In special circumstances, the board may authorize a district training assembly at a date other than those specified here. Those specifically invited shall include incoming club presidents and club leaders. (6/27/2023)

Article 5: District Office

Section 1 – The District Office. The day to day activities of the Executive Office Manager shall be under the direct supervision of the governor. To assure continuity, responsibility for decisions regarding staffing, salaries, location, administration, major purchases and general continuing oversight shall be vested in the District Planning and Advisory Committee.

All per capita dues and other remittances shall be remitted to the District Treasurer where they shall be recorded and deposited appropriately. Copies of contracts, purchase orders and invoices shall be maintained electronically.

The District Governor will provide the Executive Office Manager with an updated job description prior to the start of the Rotary year that may include but is not limited to the following tasks:

  • Update Rotary Club Central with notes from official club visits
  • Schedule, setup and invite district committee meetings including meeting agendas:
    • Monthly – G-line, AG Check-In, Conference
    • Quarterly - Planning & Advisory, Finance, Membership, Public Image, Foundation
    • Annual – Resolutions, Nominations
  • Take and file committee meeting minutes electronically including recordings of online meetings
  • Maintain an electronic filing system for record keeping
  • Complete administrative tasks like making copies, mailing, creating labels, building presentations as required by the DG or other district officers
  • Order name badges, awards, banners and give aways as needed for events
  • Assist the District Treasurer in handling check requests and managing expenses
  • (6/27/2023)