Tour of Coweta Reservation Event Page

The Rotary Club of Newnan's only fundraising event of the year.  The proceeds from the event fund our annual non-profit grant program and the annual 4th of July Fireworks.  With a partnership you or your business will have exposure for the Tour of Coweta and our annual 4th of July Fireworks.

Each level of partnership has benefits.  We will provide those to you upon request due to limited space on this site.  Upon purchasing a level of partnership, we will provide you with a login to take advantage of your complimentary ride entries.

  1. Rotarians, please login first or you won’t have access to tickets and special pricing available only to Rotarians.
  2. Use the first reservation block for yourself. To add a guest to your reservation, use the Add Person button.
  3. For Rotarians, type the first few characters of the last name and then pick from the drop down list.

    Person 1

    Platinum Partner: $15,000.00

    Gold Partner: $10,000.00

    Silver Partner: $7,500.00

    Bronze Partner: $5,000.00

    Iron Partner: $3,000.00

    Copper Partner: $2,000.00

    Nickel Partner: $1,000.00

    Mercury Partner: $750.00

    Friend of Rotary Partner: $250.00